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Microsoft Office compatible suite of applications. It comprises of Writer, Spreadsheets
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3 April 2009

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Kingsoft Office is an office application suite similar to Microsoft office. It includes applications like Kingsoft writer, Kingsoft spreadsheet and Kingsoft presentation, similar to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint respectively. Apart from same functionalities of Microsoft office, it supports document security and in-built engine to export file in PDF format.

Features: Kingsoft application user interface and functionalities are similar to Microsoft office 2003. Whoever worked with Microsoft office can find it similar and will easily use this suite. Application supports Microsoft office 2007 file format like DOCX, XLSX and PPTX.

Apart from the basic functionalities, it has very useful feature for any office applications like document security and PDF creation. You can perform file encryption setting for your workbook; you can use higher level of encryption for your document by password protection. With advance option, select encryption type from the available list. It offers eight types of RC4 encryption, which are very difficult to be decoded. You can set file sharing option for the workbook by password protection. To export document into PDF format, select `Export to PDF` submenu, specify name and path of file where you would like to save. You can export active sheets or entire workbook. Application also provides many nice features for PDF export like summary information, hyperlink and comments. You can protect PDF document by applying permission like permit to modify, permit to copy, permit to add comments, printing permission, file open password. Within application internet search capabilities are provided with Google search.

Overall: Kingsoft office is similar to Microsoft office with additional feature like password protection and PDF conversion.

Publisher's description

Three essential and full featured office applications: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation are designed with the familiar Microsoft Office 2003 user interface and functionality.
You will be surprised that many features work EXACTLY the same way as Microsoft Office. Switching from Microsoft Office to Kingsoft Office requires no re-training.
The Integrated Google Search toolbar provides one-click Internet search capabilities directly within each application.
This integrated solution for creating, editing and viewing documents, spreadsheets and presentations uses the same document format as Microsoft Office (2000/XP/2003).
Even the latest Microsoft Office 2007 documents (.DOCX) and spreadsheet (.XLSX) can be opened in Kingsoft Office 2009.
Export to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) directly from any application. Convert documents, spreadsheets and presentations into this widely accepted format for quick and easy online distribution.
With a download size of less than 50MB, this is the smallest and quickest Microsoft Office alternative on the market. Any organization can significantly save their deployment cost with this product and benefit from minimal system requirements.
Pricing starts at $59.95 and allows installation on up to three (3) different systems at the same time.
Affordable Site and Corporate Licenses allow easy software license management and provide unbeatable cost-efficiency.
Kingsoft Office
Kingsoft Office
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